Heat stroke question

Lori J

5 Years
Jun 18, 2017
I live in Mississippi and it’s hot! I’m not sure if my hen had a heat stroke but she was sitting in the compost pile panting a lot. I brought her in and put water in front of her which she Drank. she seemed better. She didn’t want to go in the dog crate and I didn’t want to stress her and I made a little cage out of pet gates since I would not be home to watch her. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome and I also had a very pressing question - she has been inside since around three this afternoon... how long do I allow her to stay inside? Will putting her outside again in the evening be ok? We have plenty of shade and they are pretty range.

Also my other white leghorn and orange orps 88F797FE-2FE8-42FA-AA1B-3E5A93210063.jpeg 88F797FE-2FE8-42FA-AA1B-3E5A93210063.jpeg 90571445-968B-420D-A314-E2C7B3FBBDEC.jpeg are OK .
Panting is how they cope w heat. Plenty of shade and free-ranging is probably the best choice for her, they can find the coolest spots.

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