Heated Waterer DIY


11 Years
Jul 24, 2010
cleveland, ohio
What can help in occasional barely freezing weather won't do anything when it's actually cold!
We use metal waterers with the heater bases, and this year we have a heater base that works for a plastic waterer. At least two waterers in separate locations all winter, so if one fails, the other one will be fine.
It's more electricity, but still not as much as the 150 gallon horse water tank takes to heat! And one bill for a horse with colic because she hasn't been drinking enough covers the whole winter's water heaters.
Just sayin'; chickens are cheap to care for, try big critters!
What heater base works with a plastic waterer? I bought a beater base from Stromerg, but have no metal font. Reviews on them are terrible...handles breaking when new, rust inside by 1 year... has anyone tried using one of these bases with a plastic waterer?

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