heating a large number of chicks

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I am buying several hundred day olds and plan on an industrial brooder lamp. But have only done small scale (30 ish) inside and we have 50 outside. Getting a couple hundred chicks is a whole different ball of wax. We have a big space in our barn, and I am going to get some hatchery day olds to sell as layers next spring.
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I can make a smaller brooder within their stall for them. I have a 12 x 36 ft space and could put together some insulated smaller spot with those lamps. So the brooder lamps (the larger ones) that warm like 350 chicks wouldn't be enough for them outside?

Clearly I need to do more digging around to figure this out.
I had 650 chickens in one room so I just heated the whole area up to 95 degrees at the beginning... boy was that hot. the gas heater did most of the work. and would shut off for a little while while the heat lamps and electric heaters kept the temperature up. It was quite a set up with about 5 extension cords coming from every direction so no fuses would blow.
My husband, bless his heart, is ok with me doing this (which is a miracle), but he is worried about a gas heater in our antique barn, which I can get. Yes, 650 you would definitely have to heat the whole room. He has agreed to wire this area for me. I don't want to lose all our profit heating the little nippers.
I was thinking of getting like 3 5 gallon waterers, but I have to heat them. You used those tiny pint jars? I was thinking of getting a couple of the 4 ft long troughs.

How did they all do? Did you sell layers or are you doing an egg business? DId you have problems with diseases?

I can let them out when they are big enough into a big covered machine shed (100 ft long) that they can roam around in during the day for space and poke their noses outside if they chose. I just can't imagine having this many. But I am pretty sure I am going to do it.
actually I only lost 1 chick for the first 4 weeks. I used the small pint waters just to make sure they all got water. My grandpa said the more the better they will run into them and eat and drink. This project is actually for eggs. I did get extra to sell.

Got a question how many chicks are you getting and what size and how many feeders and waters are you getting.

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