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So, does anyone have a hedgehog or hedgehogs??

My son jjust called from school wanting to know if he could have one. A teacher wants to give him one...if it is ok with me. I immediately said yes but honestly I know nothing about the creatures! Any info to share????
i have never had one but had a teacher that had one and it was the best little creature ever!! i'm sure there is plenty of info online. your a good mom to let your child get such an unusual pet
I'll know a lot more about them by next week. My daughter is bringing home the "class pet" hedgehog for the weekend.
Lucky for us, we have a long 4-day weekend, so she'll bring it home tomorrow after school and take it back on Monday morning. She is soooooo excited about it! OF course she wants me to buy her one of her own, but I think we have too many animals right now...
Seems like someone on my Guinea Pig VS Ferret thread said that a hedgehog beat them both as a pet. Probably a good person to go to for care advice.

Yup, it was kagedgoddess who said "Hedgehog is an awesome pet, low maintence and dont need cage cleanings as often as others."

Here's the thread... https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=252304
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our zoo has one as an education animal. He's cute as a button, but they can really bite, and it hurts. If a hedgehog smells something unusual, he'll work up a foam in his mouth, then spread it all over the spines. It's called anting. I had one do it to me when I was holding him on an outreach. They tend to hiss and pop when you try to pick them up. Enjoy your new addition, and we want pics!
i have them and they are pretty cool . Mine arent friendly so i cant pick them up .
But if you get a friendly one they are even more awsome . You can buy hedghog food at teh pet store but its really expensive and all it really is is cat food .
I feed mine the cat food , some boiled egg , carrot,apples,grape and brocoli .
I had one she was really sweet. Her name was Privet Pietrain. I really liked her until I got pregnant and then could not stand the smell of the ash that you have to use for the bedding. It's really a fresh smell, I don't know why it made me so ill. Just the smell of the bedding in the bag nearly did me in. I ended up giving her to my vet who's son loved her.
I had one for 4 years.
keep the bedding clean . buy it a hot rock or something to keep it warm - mine would get cold at times. also let them out for exercise! in the summer or if you live in a warm climate you can let them run around outside (supervised of course)
Mine would follow me around like a puppy soooo cute. I would buy mealworms as a treat for it and give it catfood and veges cut up. and have a place for it to hide under in its cage. the bigger the cage the better to.

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