HELLO ALL! I Got A Double Yolk! Ti Incubate or Not to Incubate?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, May 15, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, I haven't posted for awhile so I hope all is well, well my October babies are laying up a storm and I've gotten well over 4 dozen eggs in the last 2wks, I went out to collect again today and OMG I got a monster of an egg from one of the little ladies, put light up to it and sure enough it is a double yolk, and I am SO TEMPTED to attempt an incubation to this one to see if it's vital and how far I can get it and rather or not we can get a hatch or not from it. I'm not sure rather or not I want to or not. I know chances of it developing fully to hatch is almost slim to none but I now know better then to mess, IF I do this, I will hand turn rather then using the automatic turner to see how I do with doing it that way. IF I decide to do this, is there anything special I need to do other then leave well enough alone??
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    Apr 5, 2011
    That is sooo cool!!! I'm sorry I cant be of any help this is my first year w/ducks and they have not started to lay yet. But I would be soooo tempted to try and hatch a TWIN!!!! If you decide to do it plz plz plz keep us updated it would be cool to see if it turns out!!! [​IMG] best of luck to ya!!!![​IMG]
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    Mar 24, 2011
    I say go for it.. If it hatches, it hatches. And it would very cool if it does. Keep updating and good luck! [​IMG]
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    There is nothing you can do to increase the chance of it hatching- but if you decide to go ahead - plan ahead to make sure you will be home when it is due. It will most likely need some assistance if it duckling make it to full term. I was glad I did try one egg last year- even though the outcome was a sad one. It really is so rare .. I have been tempted again to set one- but havent again had one big enough to try with. The bigger the egg the better chance they will have to survive the first 27 days- then it is just down to the possition of them in the egg. Good luck if you decide to go ahead... Make sure you start a thread on hear if you do so we can all follow the progress.
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    I took a picture of the size difference and the weight. I weighed one of Oreo's eggs since she has the the momma and has experience in laying, and the big one of one of the little ladies who laid this. Let me know if you think it's big enough or if I should try. If anything once I set the incubator up and candle in 7-10 days I'll know rather it's viable or not or any development. But here is the size and weight difference.


    And the weight difference between the 2

    Normal size/weight

    Big Egg

    Candled Double Yolk (Not the greatest but you should be able to just make out the 2 yolks side/side.) I covered my hand over the flash this was the best picture I was able to get. I think I'm going to give it a try. I will have to dig out the incubator tomorrow and set it up. All the other eggs are washed but this one, keepin the bloom on it and all. If it does make it, it should hatch on my dh and I 15th wedding anniversary. What a gift that would be considering he will be overseas on it and won't be able to celebrate it with me, so what a way to celebrate is having twins on our anniversary.
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    Quote:Ask PETE55! He is the expert egg hatcher. He may know if a double yolker is even a viable egg. Then you won't was time or a double egg omlette:D
    Hope this helps,
    PS. I don't see any small dark spots in the yolk, or any blood vessels starting to show. Just what I see from the Candled egg pic. But its a cool pic.
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    I just pulled it yesterday morning, I usually pull the eggs for baking, scrambled eggs, and omlette, but I got this big one and I know there have been a couple attempts at hatching twins/double yolkers and they've developed but didn't make it to full hatch, but wouldn't that be something if I was able to pull it off! So until I set it there won't be any dark spots or veins until 7 days+ into incubation.
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    Feb 5, 2011
    The egg is not even that big to try. I had several 5.1 oz double yolkers that may had a chance, but I know better. Usually one dies along poisoning the other. The babies will share one placenta, and therefore fight for oxygen. The small size of this egg will cause deformities. The chances are way to slim to even try. Plus the egg can turn bad and explode in the incubator. Not even worse to try.
    BTW one of those 5 oz eggs what a tripple yolker, not egg white, just yolks.
  9. FunnyBunnies12

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    Thanks for the advice, you are right. Especially consider it's grandma had a birth defect. It would have been neat to try but not the best thing to do considering I did have a few babies that made it to hatch day and did try to break through the shells with the babies I currently have which would have been their siblings and couldn't break through and when I opened the shell up, their heads/bills were deformed. Don't want to risk that.

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