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May 16, 2020
My name is aaron and I run a recovery residence in ok. I decided it would be good therapy and healthier to raise a small flock. We now have 8 rsl. They are all around a year old. I bought them from a local breeder. How long does it usually take them to get adjusted to the new coop and start lying regularly. Also I feed them 2x a day about 2 pounds each time. 18%layer ration. I scatter it In the run. When I coop them up at night i only leave water in the coop. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for all input. Also I think they was bullied at their last home.


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Hello, Aaron, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
It can take several weeks for them to settle in.
Your run is not predator proof and isn't large enough for 8 RSL. You might want to consider correcting that. What are your coop dimensions? Chickens need 4 sq ft of coop space per bird not including nest box area. They require 12 sq ft per bird in the run. More is better. You will also need litter in the room as the poop load is going to build up in there and cause issues. How do you get in there to clean it out?

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