Hello all!!!


Jun 3, 2020
Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Hello. My name is Sheryl and I have been scoping out this group for a few months now. When researching something about my chickens, I always get suggestions to look here. I figured I would finally join so I could post a video of my chickens first attempts at a crow. It is pretty funny. Anyway.. A little about me first... I will just go by the suggested questions.

I am new to chickens.. 3 months in from baby chicks at Tractor Supply. Hoping for mostly hens, but got a confirmation today!

I have 10 chickens. All different kinds. Their names are...Barbie, Big Bird, Henrietta, Cleopatra, Freckles, Pepper, Noodle, Sweet Baby Ray, Daisy and Goldie.

I know I have a Barred Rock, a RI Red, some Easter Eggers, some Olive Eggers, a Turken, a Golden Laced Polish, a Bantam something, and probably some others.

I like the idea of having fresh eggs and some occasional fresh meat.

I am also an avid gardener and am partially retired. I mostly work in the winter to make funds for my chickens and gardens.

I have 4 dogs (3 shepherds and 1 new pup) and 5 cats. I am hoping for a couple ducks next year, but wanted to "get my feet wet" with the chickens first.

I am married and live in Myrtle Creek Oregon. I hope my neighbors aren't too upset with the new crowing going on.

Thank you all and I look forward to getting a lot more information in the future.

If you have facebook, you can click this link, or scroll down for the You Tube video.

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