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8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
Pinellas Park, FL
Hi, just an intro for myself. live in west central Fl, Acquired 5 chickens last November (not of my doing). Was not thrilled with the impulse purchase the wife and daughter made, knew I would be doing most of the work.

But now it has kinda stated growing on me. Built a small coop and hen house out back. Live in a residential area btw. Turned out 4 of the flock were roosters. Family took the drive this weekend and returned to 4 to granny's (who happens to work at an animal auction near Brewster).
They got the 4 sold and used the money to but 2 more chicks that are supposed to be hens (we'll see), and some accessories, on top of all the stuff I have been making on my own.
I'm really liking using all the junk around the house to fabricate needed supplies. I'm determined to save every penny that I can, helps to keep it all interesting I guess.

When allowed I will post pics of what I have built (nothing fancy I'll tell you). Would also like to post a pic of the one hen to see if we can id it's breed.
looking forward to taking part here.
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Wanted to add when all of this with the chickens first started I started google-ing all I could to learn about raising them and backyardchickens was one of the first sites I visited and had found lots of useful info.
from Texas.

I'm stayin at the bizzy household, anf it was like that here but in reverse- Mr. Bizzy got the chickens and Mrs. Bizzy didn't want them. She didn't like chickens. And 8 out of 12 were roosters.
But she likes chickens now , which is good because she did end up taking care of them. They do grow on ya.

It's good to use stuff lying around the house- chickens don't need anything fancy, and cheep is good.

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