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SO I guess I should introduce myself and my flock. I am a married mother of 2 human boys and than we have 6 young Buff Hens , 2 Young RIR Hens, 2 Ameracana Hens, 2 S.Laced Wyandotte Pullets, 2 SL Wyandotte Cockerels , 1 Dorking Cockerel and 1 Ameracanana Rooster. I don't think I forgot anyone... We have a small coop at our home in the city(chickens are NOT allowed but we don't listen....) so we have the 2 female Ameracanas and my Dorking here in town in the small coop than we have the rooster in a separate coop due to his attitude. We have not had the Ameracans long(maybe 3 weeks) so we are working with them..they came from not so pleasant circumstances. The remainder of our birds are in the country in a large coop on the property of my MIL. She also has 12 White rocks as well she will be slaughtering soon.

We just got back form fair last week and my son won 2ND place with one of the buffs so we are happy about that. However, it turns out he may have picked up more than that since the chickens are not sneezing :(

I am looking forward to learning alot and finding and speaking with fellow chicken peeps :) I also am looking for other dorking mamas/papas that have experience with them.


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Keep the sneezing chicken isolated and check it over carefully for any other symptoms like a nasal discharge, swollen face, runny eyes, anything unusual. Also start a thread here:


and get the expert's opinions on this. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

The Dorking enthusiasts hang out here:


Just pop in there and introduce yourself and your birds. Enjoy the site!


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Sadly enough we frequently return from a show with more than just ribbons. Good luck with resolving any problems, and welcome to BYC.

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