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8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
I Live in Fresno and have recently started to grow vegies in the back yard. I had a problem with earwigs and don't use pesticide. I remebered how when I was a kid we had a pet chicken that ran around and ate bugs all day. I don't think she ever realy ate much of the feed we gave her. She would always be right by your feet catching the bugs that jumped out of the lawn as you walk around or just hanging out watching you. I also have a 3 year old daughter I wanted to get a pet for and teach her to respect animals. I added 1+1 and it equaled 2 baby Wyandottes.
The babies don't look like babies anymore and run around all day eating bugs and weeds. They eat leaves on some vegetables but dont seem to realy hurt the plants.
Me and my baby girl hand feed them meal worms and she realy gets a kick out of it. Seems like chicken feed is the last thing on there list to eat. They mainly look for bugs and samll plant material. Then they eat grass and weeds and the bunnies hay. I think they just eat the feed for breakfast.
Anyways I am pretty sure chickens are the best pet I have ever owned. You can look at the pretty feathers, hold them and pet them, they lay eggs and they themselves are delicious meat. I am planning on starting a small chicken farm and am pretty sure I have some type of addiction growing for these awesome birds. I have my eyes on a handful of breeds and by next spring hope to build a nice flock or two.


9 Years
Sep 25, 2010
Kansas City
I see you are already learning chicken math. I thought 4 or 5 chickens would be enough for me and my family. Then I thought silkies would be nice for the kids, and I wanted some more color in my lil flock...Fast forward to a year of having chickens and I now have 18 chickens, 3 ducks, 1 turkey, and am thinking about adding either a couple goats or geese, lol.

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