Hello Back Yard Chickens!


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
Hi Guys, I am new to the site, but have used BYC as a resource for years! I am a suburb/city dweller turned farmer! We started with a small flock of 4 hens on our tiny (1/8 acre) city in Wooster Ohio. Our neighbors loved it which was great! We can attest that chickens are a gateway drug and now fast forward 5 years and we moved to a 4 acre farm and have over 80 hens, a Jersey cow and her calf, a horse, 2 dogs and finally Rico our house cat turned farm cat. Oh yes we also have done over 200 Freedom Rangers this year for our freezer and many of our friends and family. We have so many different breeds of chickens I don't even know them all! We have Rhode Island Reds, Araucanas, Buffs, White Rocks, and lots more ( my wife picks them out! )
I am happily married to my wife of 13 years Angie and we have 4 kids that are living this dream with us! I work in shipping/logistics in the Ag field, and of course spend a lot of time doing chores and chopping wood. We have a goal of starting a breeding flock of meat birds so that we will never have to rely on the post office to deliver us our chicks, and we have has 2 successful hatches since august! I also have a micro-roasting coffee business! I am tired just typing this!
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!

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