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Apr 1, 2020
Las Vegas, Nevada
I have been on this page for awhile and finally decided to introduce myself. We have 8 chickens, 2 Barred Rock, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Isa Brown, 2 Black Olive Eggers, 1 Lavender Ameraucana, and 1 Splash Olive Egger. I was only supposed to get 4 chickens, but chicken math is a real thing! It's almost as bad a garden math! Right now our chickens are about 6 weeks old. We live in the hot Nevada desert, so our chickens have been outside for the past few weeks. I'm planning to set up some sort of misting system to keep them cooler as we hit the summer high heat.

My friend gave me their old chicken coop, that we refreshed with a new paint job and a new chicken run. I love it. We have added a ramp, automatic feeders and a tree for roosting in the run. I will admit the door is probably my favorite part.
chicken coop.jpg

My 3 daughters have loved the chickens. They have been a great distraction as the world is in turmoil. Our dog, Pepper, which is part boarder collie and blue heeler, loves the chicks well. she has worn out the grass surrounding the coop running back and forth watching/chasing the chickens. Pepper is a super amazing dog, so I am not worried about her wanting to eat the chickens, but I am also being careful.

I've always thought chickens were scary looking and never thought I would get attached to these silly birds, but here I am loving it. There is a chance 2 of our chickens might be roosters and that makes me sad! I don't want to loose Rosie and Nugget.

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