Hello chicken havers!


Jul 10, 2022
Gainesville, GA
I am very new to chicken keeping but I've been doing a ton of research on coops lately so that we can be prepared to get some chicks next spring! I'm a big DIYer and consider myself pretty handy.

My hobbies are vast but all center around creating things, fixing things and visual artistry in general. I got a bachelor's degree in Media arts and animation and have spent the last 10years honing my craft/artistic career.

I have 5 cats who are all old at the point, one of which has been with me since I was a teen in high school. We also have a wonderful older dog. All of this is to say that I quite enjoy animal husbandry and if I had more land, Id likely have a full spectrum of barn animals.

I have also been successful with my first garden this year! Maybe a little too successful. I've had to give away so many cucumbers at this point so I feel as tho a little flock would make my garden a bit more self sustaining and circulatory.

I could probably prattle on for a while but I'll I have some research to do. I'm so glad I found this forum and I can't wait to learn more from this community and maybe even share my own advice and experience :)

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