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Suzy Smith

7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hello Everyone, My name is Suzy and I live in Lincolnshire.
I am new on here and new to the chicken world. Just thought I would say hi and pick your brains.
I adopted 2 lovely brown hens when I moved into my house about 7 months ago and they lay me an egg each every day.
I went and bought what I was told were 4 maran hens and a rhode island red hen and the farmer and his wide 'donated' about 10 bantams.They told me they were about 6 weeks old which would make them about 3-4 months old now.
I love all the chickens to bits and definitley have 4 male 'bantams' one of which crows ..not too loudly when I let them all out in the mornings.
The 'marans' are getting HUGE and I have a suspicion they may be cockerals. Their feet are really big and have long legs and 2 have started to get bigger tail feathers. They do all have fluffy back sides, and none have crowed at all yet, but make the same noises as my lovely brown layers, but I wondered if by looking at the attached picture any of you chicken lovers could enlighten me. Is this a cock or a he


es in advance but new to forums and not sure how it all works.
Greetings from Kansas, Suzy, and
! Great to have you here! I am terrible with gender guessing so I x2 what 1muttsfan advised! But...by the looks of those big feet, it may indeed be a boy! Best of luck to you!
Hello Again everyone,
Thank you all for your warm welcome. I will do as suggested and find the right part of the forum to post too.
I am not overly concerned about their sex, but it would just be nice to know who is what as most of them have girly names and well not that they care, but feel I ought to get their sex right now they are growing up.
I love all the chickens so much, they are such fun to watch and have such great characters and are soooo nosey when I am messing around in the garden.
I also have a couple of ducks and , well my Aylesbury is laying eggs like a machine gun, so I must be doing something right as they all are so happy and healthy.
I am not used to forums so will have a good look around and see how it all works.

Have a nice weekend and for all you lovely hen owners in the U.S.A I do hope you were safe from that awful hurricane.

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