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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Traci, I live in Fl with my wonderful hubby Bill. We are trying to be more health conscious about what we put in our bodies so decided to start small with some eggs of our own. We will do small hatches for ourselves and well...eat them. Hope to maybe even provide family or friends with any extra eggs too, so they can taste the wonderful difference from the store bought ones.

I am just getting my little chicken flock together. We have 6 sex link pullets of 6.5 weeks, 2 who knows what lol, they were suppose to be barred rock chicks but obviously are mixed as one has a rose comb and the other has feathered feet that are 5 weeks old (and possibly both roos, the means one will have to go) and two Dominique chicks just over two weeks. We also have 3 6.5 week old keets. I can't wait until they are grown enough to free range. Right now they get out at least once a day for an hour under our supervision.
I name all my birds which my hubby thinks is silly so I am thrilled to see so many others do the same.

I look forward to learning lots from you all.
from ohio.

that's how it starts, a few chickens for eggs - then before you know it your feed bill is more than your grocery bill LOL.

fresh eggs do taste so much better. so does fresh chicken - but if you name them that becomes a little hard to do.

best of luck!
There so cute ive only got 5out of my 6 am not sure what breed they are but there so funny the dog is always getting chased by them they are 6 months old now ruby babe stevie sandy penny and we lost mollie due to prolapse it was sad.We got two cambelle ducks also thelma and louise lol the chickens have learnt to get on with them but was quite a challenge .
Welcome to BYC from another relative newcomer to the site. We name most of our chickens too. Ours are more like pets that show their appreciation of our attentions by leaving us an egg now and then. I'm a vegetarian, so we don't eat ours. We get a great deal of pleasure just watching their antics.
Yeah ours are pets to love getting the eggs altho slowing down now with the weather getting colder never kept ducks so there fun too altho was hoping some one would be able to let me know how old they need to be to lay eggs ours are 3 months old now
The girls here are pets but the ones we hatch in the future will not be. They will either be sold or eaten. Those I will NOT name LOL. We have Penny, Poppy, Rosie, Reba, Willow and Lily. Then my potential roos are Quinn and Rio. The new Dominique chicks are Betty and Boop. My guineas are Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe...sadly Eenie was picked off by a hawk during their free time

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