Hello everybody!!


9 Years
Oct 8, 2010
North Dakota
Hi. My name is Colleen and I am new to BYC. I am excited to be a part of this site and to learn as much as possible about chickens! I am new to the "farm wife" thing as I am a city girl and am still learning the ropes. I have learned much about cows, horses, tractors, combines, gardening, "outside" dogs, barn cats, chickens and farming in general. This is my first time being a stay at home mom and the first time I have not had a "real job" (I do not mean to be offensive with that term because I do believe being a stay at home mom is the best "real job" anyone could ever have) since I was 13. The chickens are my responsibility and I have never dealt with chickens before. We got them at easter time. We started off with 24 chickens and 4 ducks and are now down to 18 chickens and 4 ducks. Our chickens just started laying eggs on the 1st of October and I am extrememly excited!! I also have lots of questions to ask about chickens!

I am also excited to get to know and become friends with some of you on here!! Hope to get to know you and hopefully I will someday be able to answer someone elses questions in the future!!

Here's to good times to come!!

Hi ColleenB and
from CNY
Hi Colleen. I'm a newbie to chickens too, so we can learn together! There is a wealth of information here...just about every topic you can think of. Hope to see you around!!
Sandra, yes I do have Irish in me. I have the blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin and stubborn temper to prove it. lol. and to rockin red I look forward to learning new things about chickens with you!! Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!!

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