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6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
Hi guy's im spida and i thought id join this friendly forum and say hello.

i got 4 chickens in my back garden, they are warren hybrid's so nothing to fancy but i think they are well cool. i raised them since they was a few weeks old, they was cute yellow things. i have got some pics of them and will post them up. they are now around 6 months old and all good layers. the 1 even lays double yokers. its been fun watching them around the garden but dont like the parcels they leave behind. i have made a few youtube vids on them, i'll post a link if im allowed.
i have noticed 1 or 2 of them sneezing just latly i dont know if its because the change in weather or anything else but they will wonder around the garden in the rain and there's plenty of shelter for them so i'll keep a eye on them.
they have layers pellets available to them all day long, i normally give them a bit of mixed corn in the morning and evening and i try and give them fruit and veg when i can. other than that i throw a bit of grit around the ground and leave them to there thing. is there anything more i should be doing especially now as winter is approaching?

thanks guy's and hi
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

If you look at the top of the reply box you will see a little film strip icon - click on this, and it will allow you to embed a youtube link.
[/VIDEO] i got around 8 vids on youtube.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you guy's think.
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