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Jan 25, 2021
Hello everyone, my name is Kim/Kimberlee and I'm a very new chicken raiser! I started during the summer of last year when my brother asked me to "babysit" his chickens, and he gave me one as a gift. I started to grow a fondness for them and decided to start raising more. Right now I have 1 hen, I originally had 3 hens but a dog snuck into my backyard while I was away and "ate" them. Since then I've been a little hesitant to get more, but I've reinforced the gate and have covered any holes where an animal could sneak in and harm them.

As I said, my brother is also a chicken raiser and has a bit more experience than me since he started in the late spring. He has 2 hen and 1 rooster, and they're huge! I'm not sure about what breed they are too since we both got them from a breeder in the rural area. I started out with one in late June or early July that I named Poppy, but I have no idea what breed she was so sorry about that, and kept her for a good 4-5 months. During that time, I got two chicks in September that I named Kurry and Tobi (my friend and I chose the names). I'm not sure what their breeds are, but I think Tobi is a Plymouth Rock. I'll include pictures of them if I find any. Sadly Poppy and Kurry were the ones that got attacked by the dog, while Tobi was found in one of my neighbor's bushes hiding. She was thankfully unharmed and I've been raising her by herself since.

I also have two dogs, one of them is very friendly to my hens and my brother's chickens (He's a 2-year-old German Shepard named Max) and my other dog isn't too keen on the chickens (He's a 5-6-year-old French Bulldog named Jerry). We have to keep Jerry inside most of the time so he doesn't try to attack them, but Max likes to play with them a lot! I found BYC while looking at tips on how to raise my chickens early on and decided to finally join when Tobi laid her first egg! So I hope to learn many more things about chickens while on here and am very glad to be here.


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Hello Kim, welcome to this fast growing awsome community. Great inteo!

Check out the article section for some general advice and love you’re chicken for what she is. Buy another chicken to keep her company or some fertile eggs if she gets broody. Chickens are not happy if they have to live without company. And I doubt the shepherd will do as a flock member.

And do tell us a bit more about you’re plans.

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