Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself


12 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Dillsboro, IN
My name is Spanky and I live in SE Indiana. I moved off the farm over 18 years ago and missed my chickens. So, with the help of my tax return, I purchased a Chick-N-Hutch with a run and hope to start a very small backyard flock. I am awaiting delivery in a few days, hope to get my setup operable then purchase a few hens from local farmers and friends.
I work for the local Veterinarian for over 17 years, we practice large and small animals. My family consists of Hubby, Son, myself, 3 wiener dogs <*()=;======;-)~~~
2 cats, 2 saltwater nano reefs. I am making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight
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I'll tell you one thing - Your chicknhutch will soon start to seem really small if you don't keep bantams, then you'll get the fever and want a bigger, better coop - Then more chickens. Then a bigger coop. Then more chickens.

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