Hello everyone in Chicken Land!


7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hi everyone!
I'm a new chicken keeper in NC; I've been lurking and learning since the beginning of March when we bought our first chicks. We began with six chicks from Southern States, three Dominiques, two Rhode Island Reds and a beautiful Americana. Of course with chicken math I added two blue laced red Wyandottes several weeks later.
We are in the process of much too slowly building a large coop for the girls, they are currently sleeping in a packing crate while having access to their yard during the day. My avatar is a pic of them "helping" me with the floor boards. One reason it is taking so long to build the hen house, besides working and having a fourteen year old who needs lots of transportation, is that we are building the house from reused materials. So far we have only bought screws and nails. We even recycled nest boxes and hardware cloth from a forty year old building my husband was tearing down. We may need to purchase a little more hardware cloth and paint. I really want to paint it with some green paint that we already have, but my daughter wants it to be "cute" and to have a nice, bright color. We'll see once I look at paint prices!
We call our little place (about 1 acre in the city limits) the Farm in the City; we have a large garden, the beginnings of an orchard and vineyard, eight chickens (and counting), two dogs, a cat and 20,000 bees.
Hello and welcome to BYC

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