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Jun 12, 2020

I go by Joan Dear, and I just recently gotten into raising chickens this year (a week ago, actually).

I have 3 chicks around 1-2 weeks old- one is an Australorp (Sooty), the other is a maran (Florence), and the last is either a cinnamon queen or a buckeye (Pedro) according to the lady I adopted them from. I only live on half an acre of property so until we move to a larger area, we're keeping our flock small to ensure that they're not overcrowded and happy where they're at.

So far I'm absolutely in love watching them develop and take on their own personalities, although I have a sneaking suspicion that Pedro might be a roo with how slow his/her feathers have been growing in and how nippy they've become compared to the other two girls.

Other than raising chickens I also crochet, do digital art (my partners and I are working on game development as a hobby), cook/bake, and garden. Eventually, I'd like to move onto homesteading when we're able to move to a bigger property and I hope to teach people how to live sustainably in an urban setting when I'm more proficient at farming. I also enjoy reading, gaming, and have recently gotten into sewing.

I currently live in a poly relationship with two men and have 1 Australian cattle dog and 3 kitties. Occupation wise, I've recently retired from doing illustrations in order to learn new skills such as spinning yarn, and growing food.

I hope to meet other people who love raising chickens and hope you all have a great day/night!
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