Hello everyone :)


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Enumclaw, Wa
I'm new to the Backyard Chickens website. I'm also a new chicken owner. I have had ducks, geese and parrots but new to chickens. I'm keeping chickens for eggs only. With that said we are hoping we don't have a rooster is our new group of young chickens. I know its early since they are only a month old but I have a video I want to post and I see if someone may know if we have a roo. She/he is a Speckled Sussex who has some rooster behavior. I the video she/he looks like they are trying to crow. No sound comes out but freckles (the chickens name) does it all day! Its like practice for the crowing. I have heard that some hens will crow if you don't have a rooster. I hope some can help. :/ Thanks so much!!!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
Thanks everyone! Happy to be part of the group :) I'm from Auburn Washington outside the Seattle area. I am a bird lover of all kinds!
About the video I posted I found out she is not trying to crow she had a bad reaction to the bedding I was using. I changed it out and now she is breathing and acting like all the other birds.
Thanks again for you kind words :D

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