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Happy October everyone. I finally figured out how to use this a little. I know this probably isnt the best place to write this but... I have a few too many little distractions around here! I am new to chickens just this summer and have already gotten an incredible amount of great information from the awesome people on this site. I do however have a (maybe) silly question for anyone who can help. I had a SLW who had a leg injury and the flock eventually ganged up on her and pecked away at her. I found her before they killed her and have nursed her back to health. It has been over a month and now she is living in her own shed ( my garden shed that I need back)and has been free range during the day. It has worked out well during the summer months. I am outside much of the day and the weather is nice-no extreme temps. Now that winter is close though I am a little worried she will freeze in a shelter if left alone. Our temps in Minnesota are often below 0. The others can huddle together to keep warm. How cold is too cold for a little chicken? She is really small and still not laying. I have debated culling her but really do not want to. Putting her back in with the others is not an option anymore. Any advice would be awesome!
you may be able to transition her back into the flock by placing her in the coop/run but separated by wire so everyone can get used to being together. I'm not sure that being by herself is a good idea, chickens are flock animals and need to have some friends. You can try posting in your state's thread to see if anyone local can help out, it doesn't get that cold in California so I can't answer that question. Best of luck to you. https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/26/where-am-i-where-are-you
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X2 on liz9910's advice. Chickens can usually tolerate the cold well, even down to negative degree temperatures.
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Chickens are quite good at keeping themselves warm. However, if she's alone, I would be a little worried about her ability to stay warm in below-zero temperatures. If you can't put her back in the main flock, maybe you could get her a friend or two of her own?
Welcome to BYC! There is no such thing as a silly question, everyone was new at one time. Good luck figuring the answer about your bird. I agree with checking with the Minnesota state thread, I'm in FL and (thankfully lol), we don't get that cold.
Thank you guys! I agree, I don't like her being by herself. I tried to integrate her back in with the others. I have a separate run made from pvc pipe and chicken wire set up right next to the permanent run. She walks down to it during the day and hangs out with the others outside.They all act just fine. But if I let her in or the others out so they are actually not separated by wire fencing, they attack her again. She made it two nights in the coop after everyone was roosted. Morning wasn't so great for her though. I will certainly check out the link you sent me. I have been thinking about getting her a couple hens from the same flock I purchased her from but she is always going to have a limp-I'm afraid the new ones will pick on her too. Thank you again.
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Have you considered making a her a house chicken? Lots of people here on BYC have chickens in their homes for various reasons. Some because in your case, the bird is not fit to live with the flock. Here is a nice thread on house chickens you can join in on...https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/299187/people-with-house-chickens

Integration into a flock can take many weeks from behind a fence or cage. However working one bird into the flock is never easy. Always better with two or more.

You might try getting a couple young birds to mix with her...3 or 4 month old chicks. They will be too small to hurt her and she will have some buddies to hang out with and keep warm this winter. This may be your best bet.

Good luck with this. I hope you can work something out. :)
Glad you joined the flock. Often when a bird is taken from the flock to heal, and receives special attention - the next step often is having it as a house pet. The flock wants to kill her, new birds may feel the same. Meanwhile she has been getting used to special care and probably enjoys it. You don't peck at her or hurt her in any way. You may find you really would enjoy a pet chicken.

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