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    Jul 9, 2016
    My name is Rachel! My husband and I are first timers and got chicks (12 of them) this past March and then a month later added five more (mature and laying) girls to the crew. Once my babies started to develop we realized that 5 were roosters, so we removed 4 and kept my Black Australorp, Joey, he's a sweetie! It has been such fun! I have been using backyardchickens.com since the beginning and just realized there was an app and had to join!!! We let our girls and guy roam our 5 acre property (and sometimes our neighbors [​IMG]) from sun up to sun down, and they always run to greet us when we get home from work! They've been wonderful, but recently we had a predator attack and it (we think a fox or raccoon) killed 5 of our girls. It was horrible! And one of my girls, Stella was injured, she has still been laying, but is very nervous around us and hides in the trees; I think she still might be in shock [​IMG]. Poor girl...since then my husband put up his trail camera and whatever got them hasn't been back, yet... I recently went to go buy an incubator at our local Rural King and they still had chicks, so I nixed the incubator and got 6 more pullets (4 rhode islands and 2 barred rock), how could I not?! They are just so stinkin' cute! It definitely been an adventure!

    Rachel aka "chix4life"
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    Nice to meet you Rachel. Very sorry to hear of your losses to predators. You may want to check out the predator threads to see what can be done to safeguard against them.
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    Hi :welcome Rachel

    Glad you could join us here! I'm sorry to hear about your losses to a predator. It's always very sad when flock members are lost. Great to hear you have added some new pullets :clap

    Wishing you the very best of luck for the future and enjoy your time here on BYC :frow
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    Hi Rachel and welcome to BYC! I'm sorry to hear about the attack. Thanks for joining us! [​IMG]
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    Hi Rachel and welcome to BYC. Seems chicken maths is an issue for you, just like the rest of us.

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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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