Hello fellow chicken lovers! I'm a newbie...


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May 18, 2012
Paoli, Indiana
My husband and I got our first baby chicks April 15. We thought about getting pullets or hens already laying, but when my husband saw all those baby chicks at the farm store, he was smitten and that was that. I am so glad we are raising them from babies -

We have seven beauties:
  • 2 Buff Orpingtons (Marilyn and Dolly),
  • 2 Rhode Island Reds (Georgia and Lucy),
  • 2 Black Sex Links (Frida and Gracie),
  • 1 Ameraucana (Honey Bunny)
I found Backyard Chickens while researching chickens on the Internet, but today I finally joined. Looking forward to gleaning info from all you experts out there.

A little about us:
My husband and I are into the Local Food Movement, organic gardening, birdwatching & feeding. We love to camp, go fishing, be outdoors, enjoy life! We have 2 indoor cats, plus a group of feral cats we care for. I love to garden. My dream is to have an intensive flower garden, enough to sell flowers at Farmer's Markets and line up some subscriptions from restaurants. In our free time we also sell vintage and repurposed items at Flea Markets around Indiana. "Jones Vintage Rescue and Repurpose." I love old and vintage things - things that tell a story. I'd rather keep something out of the landfill and give it a new life or purpose. Creativity flows pretty fast around here.

Glad to meetcha!
Pam and James
Hello f rom Mo.
Just read last forum question about being "chicken addicted" and it starts by joining BYC so Beware!
.You will learn more than you ever thought possible by looking at the forum questions and answers and next you will be hatching eggs ... like Me!
Good Luck with your crew

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