Hello fellow chicken people!


Jul 12, 2022
Hello! I have been using BYC for some time now for help with my chicken problems, but never thought to sign up! My name is Julissa. I have fallen in love with chickens and have been raising and loving them for 5 years now. I have chickens down where I live right now (along with my six cats and 2 parakeets) and I have chickens (and other farm animals) up at my vacation house. My chickens that live with me now are Daisy, Obama, Kit-Kat, Reese's, Bahiyyih, and Maddi. Daisy is a satin white silkie (and adoptive mother to the other chickens), Kit-Kat and Reese's are chocolate silkies, and Obama, Bahiyyih and Maddi are Ayam Cemani's.

As I grow up, I hope to learn more and more about chickens and other farm animals because I hope to become a farm animal veterinarian. I hope that the BYC will help me gain more knowledge so that I can also teach others about chickens. :)
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