Hello Fellow Chickeners!


Jul 3, 2021
Hello BYC!!

Newer to the world of “pet” chickens.
Just a year now but boy what an educational year it has been! Never a dull moment with the chicklets!
Currently housing 31 feathered friends (flirting with obsession) of varying ages. From 2 months to 2/3 years old (have had layers for a couple years but they were purchased at the 20 weeks, just there in the backyard and by no means pets).
Those little fluff balls we call Silkies have always had a special place in my black 🖤 but variety is the spice of life and that’s true of chickens too! So among my pride and joy (see attached picture) there’s also white leghorns, Rhode Island Red, and Cemani/Silkie mix, that call this place home. Including a few Misters 😏
One of my goals as a chicken owner is to teach my gorgeous, wonderful friend Ruffles (a cemani/silkie mix - also pictured) how to count! Ambitious but absolutely possible!

In the meantime, glad to be here and have such a wonderful forum for all things chicken related! Especially when the winged friends aren’t feeling so well and need to research whats wrong and what to do!
So hello to you all! 👋



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