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Sep 25, 2013
Well hello me my daughter and my girlfriend are hoping to get pullets next spring or as soon as possible. My daughter and i have been help raise the neighbors chicken for eggs. We will be keeping two for pets even after the stop producing but we want eggs and meet we want silkies not bantam silkies maybe for meat and broodyness but we want a mixed flock no roosters will be kept as they are backyard chicken s but they have a large run coop will be pretty large. As well as we want to use sand litter for the coupe compressed pine shavings for nesting boxes. I will be eventually bying this thing that feeds some sorta fly larva and they eat the larva as they crawl out also going to be contuningally planting a speacle mixed grass for them that is full of omga threes. Were i live is both hot and cold with many many fair days but in a summer it common for it to be triple digits and to be as low as thirty most night though it did get as low as 12 degrees a few times last year with no snow and little rain. I would prefer little chickens around 4 lbs but no more than 8 i want as many birds as i can have so ethically as there happyness comes first and i want tgem all handled offten. But i have no idea beyond these facts i am totally lost. On breedscluess,as to the best way to set up this. But becoming as self suffent as my little plot of earth will let me be is the main goal... Any advice will ve so appreciated.
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In USA the ONLY silkies available are bantams. I believe the United Kingdom has the large fowl silkies. They are not great layers and are really too scrawny to be a meat bird.

They are known for being great broodies but, not every hen will go broody and you cannot force them into it. If you have no roosters you won't have any fertile eggs to hatch. You would have to buy hatching eggs at a time when a silky is going broody. They you could exchange her infertile eggs with the kind you bought.

Inside a coop you need 4 sq.feet of space per bird outdoor run should allow for 10 sq feet per bird. If you weather is BAD often and birds will need to be kept inside for days, you should have a larger coop. Chickens that are too crowed and bored will start pecking at each other which can end up with dead birds and cannibalism.

If you want to know more about raising meat birds you can find a section on that in BYC.

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