Hello from a chicken Mom in training


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Jun 14, 2010
Aztec, New Mexico
I am a first time chicken mom from New Mexico. I am a "City kid" learning how to be a "country kid". How we ended up with our chicken was a simple science project for my 6th grader. They had the chance this year to hatch some eggs and my son's science teacher let the students keep one of the chickens they hatched in class, with parental consent. My husband and I thought this would be a good thing so we signed the consent form and home came Peep. Peep (aka: the Chicken we call Dog), has been in our home since May 27th of this year and has been an interesting pet.
Glad you could join us.
WARNING: chickens are contagious!
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Just the one?! Sounds like it needs a friend to me! *wink*

Welcome to the forums! Hopefully we will get to see some pictures of your Peep.
LOL Thank you for all the welcomes:D We just have the one ....so far;)
I did ask my husband yesterday though how mad he'd get if I brought home another one haha! I got some pictures posted in the Gender or Breed section now as well. TAhis is our first Chicken and the learning experience is great! I THINK I have some pictures posted on my Blog page but they don't seem to be showing up for me.. I'll play with that some more tomorrow...
Thanks again for all the welcomes
Hope to chat soon

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