Hello from Arkansas


Aug 7, 2021
Hey everyone! We are new here. I grew up on a 300+ acre commercial broiler poultry farm and from the time I was a kid I was helping my dad in the chicken houses. Now I'm 37, recently diagnosed with uterine cancer, no kids but we raise Great Danes, have 4 horses on my parent's small hobby farm and got chickens in March. We now have 24 chickens and our small flock consists of Light and Buff Brahmas, a golden laced Wyandotte rooster named Doolittle, a silver laced Wyandotte hen named Loretta Lynn, a Polish pullet named Mary Jane, 2 lavender Guineas, 2 pearl pied Guineas, a Salmon Faverolles rooster named Gus, SF hen named Gidget, Rhode Island red hen named Lucy, a Buff Orpington hen named Opal, and a red hen that we are unsure about named Pepper.
My husband is a truck driver but might be switching jobs so he's home more, which is important as we deal with this scary cancer adventure. We want to eventually buy a farm and raise as much of our own food as we can and be self sufficient whenever possible.

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