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Jun 18, 2017
Hi all!

I am a first timer at raising chickens. Just got 14 broilers that I keep in a tractor coop, also I have 6 brown legged layers and a rooster in their own coop. I've lurked here for months waiting for them to come. Sadly I lost one of my chicks this morning, I tried nursing her with syringe but I fear I was too late realizing she was ill.

My layers are 19 weeks, so hopefully in the coming weeks I'll start seeing eggs. I'm currently training them to enter their coop at night, so after a few days of keeping them cooped, they all came out this morning on their own. With any luck I'll turn the light on this evening and they will re-enter on their own.

I have so much to learn, I am glad there is a great resource like this site with many knowledgeable folks.

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:welcomeI think you would also enjoy posting on "Canadians, check in here." to find out what is going on around you. Hopefully there are some Bycers near you.

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