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Sep 28, 2013
Tucson Arizona
Good Morning and hello from AZ. I am a little embarrassed to have questions about my flock as I raised chickens in 4-H when I was growing up. I have had one flock other than my current one since I have been an adult but alas I still find I cannot remember all that I should know. I was googling how to cut flight wings and I came across this sight and have read some of your posts and I am excited to see I am not the only one with questions. We have about 20 hens and 6 roosters. I am preparing to put 3 or 4 roosters into my garden so they wont overload my hens. We have blue, black and white wheatens and ameraucanas. then I have a couple of Rhode Island Reds. We love colored eggs. Anyway sorry for rambling and thank you for having us.



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Jun 28, 2011
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