Hello from Central New York!


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Rome, NY
Hello everyone! I'm Karen from Central NY (about 40 miles from Syracuse, NY) It's great to be here! I'm still in the planning and research stages of my chicken adventure... We are starting from scratch... right down to buying a coop kit (My hubby works a lot so I'm giving him a break with that, but he will be building the run!)! I can't wait for this snowy weather to break so we can get started! I'm doing this for a couple of reasons... primarily because I want to know that our eggs are coming from happy, healthy chickens. And I think it will be a great experience for my 12 y/o son and 3 y/o grandson. I'm only interested in layers... no meat birds... I just don't have it in me! And I hope to get a few Silkies for fun.
It's nice to meet you all,
From, VA

I know that you will enjoy this forum!
Hi Karen. Welcome to BYC from Nevada.
I also raise layers only. You won't believe how much better the fresh eggs taste. Good luck with your new flock!

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