Hello from central Oregon


10 Years
Oct 11, 2009
I've come to the BYC website many times for information and decided it's time to register.
I've kept chickens many years, occasionally for meat but mostly laying hens. I'm here because I want to learn to raise chickens properly.

Our chickens have always had the run of our place & roosted in our barns or trees but this summer my husband finally built my long awaited chicken coop. Woohoo! We've had an assortment of breeds and mixed breeds but I've been finding homes for those and now have 26 Black Australorps (25 hens & 1 roo). They started laying about a month ago.

Our 11 yr. old daughter has just joined a 4-H chicken club this year. She'll be getting a few silver Sebrights for her project. I'd appreciate advice on housing requirements for the Sebrights. Most of the time there will only be 3 or 4, but our daughter will likely want to let a hen raise chicks on occasion so we need to allow room for that. We've located a Sebright rooster, does anyone know where we could obtain a couple of hens in the central Oregon area?

Looking forward to learning!

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