Hello from Cincy!

Billy Boy

6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Hello everyone! I am from a little town northwest of Cincinnati and I recently started raising a small flock of 30 chickens. This summer I built the chicken coop and the feeder and waterer for the chickens thanks to some of the pictures on the site and a little ingenuity. I will soon post my results and look forward to getting very useful advise on raising my chickens. Anyone else on this site from the Cincinnati area???
Oh, the flock consists of:

9 Easter Eggs
9 Silver-laced Wyandottes
7 Buff Orpingtons
1 Unidentified Exotic Chick
2 White Jersey Giants
2 Black Jersey Giants
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Greetings from Kansas, Billy Boy, and
! Happy you joined us! Best of luck to you and your flock!

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