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    Apr 4, 2016
    I have a small flock of Mallard Ducklings growing... or more accurately outgrowing my office right now. I started with 11 tiny ducklings in a super large tupperware bin and now they have taken over my dd baby crib and are fast out pacing that! We've lost 2 so far, the first only a few days after we received them, looked to be having issues from the start, and the second one just the other day from a fall, only about 3 feet but she must have broken something and was gone within 10 minutes. That was a much harder loss for all of us, 5 weeks old. Now I am even more nervous about letting them out...

    One's got a bit of Angel Wing that I have been failing miserably at wrapping, someone just suggested using paper tape and wrapping it but I ended up getting the poor thing all stuck, luckily he's pretty used to me messing with him so he's not too upset...

    We just moved last year and now have a 1/3 of an acre pond that fills with pond weeds and I am hoping these guys and galls will help keep it cleaned out without me resorting to a bunch of chemicals... the wild mallard come in and will clean out a corner but then fly away, hopefully these guys will stay :)

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    Awesome welcome to BYC, congrats on your mallards, I just have chickens right now but if I had more room I would love to have some cayugas.
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    Hi :welcome

    Glad you could join us here! I'm not a duck person but I bet your ducklings are super cute!! I see you have found the duck section of the forum, I'm sure the keepers there will be able to help you with all your questions.

    Wishing you the very best of luck for the future. Enjoy BYC :frow
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    Three feet is a bad fall for youngsters. I'm sorry for your loss.

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