Hello from Connecticut!


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Thought I would officially say hi!

My name is Dawn. I am 35 and I live in the northeastern corner of CT. I have 6 chicks that are about 5 weeks old. 3 are red sex links and 3 are rhode island reds. We are currently waiting to see which ones of the RIR are pullets. There was much confusion over what they are... with many saying all 3 RIR are roosters, but some people say that may not be the case. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=355918 Guess I have no choice but to wait and see.

I live in a very agricultural town that claims to have the oldest agricultural fair in the country (though apparently there are other towns that think that too! lol) I had no idea that my chickens would not be allowed, given the town I live in... however, when we looked at the town zoning map, we shockingly discovered that we are in a small splotch of R-30 where chickens are not allowed (dogs/cats indoor pets only). Most of my town is zoned RA (residential-agricultural), so I guess I am just unlucky. We haven't put them out yet (finishing up their coop this weekend, and as we work on it, I am so nervous someone will see and report- but I am hoping they will assume it is allowed, just like we did. The neighbor that is closest to the chickens is new. I worry the most about them, I don't know them at all, they only moved in somewhat recently.

We have 23 pets in total... which include 5 cats (some of which are diabetic and require insulin shots twice daily), a welsh corgi dog, 2 guinea pigs, 3 chinchillas, 2 red ear slider turtles, a white face cockatiel, 3 fish, and of course our 6 chicks.... we have 26 if you count my 3 children. lol

I have a 9yo daughter that is a dancer. She does ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. She dances competitively and loves it. I have a 7yo son that is very sweet but will give me lots of gray hair- he has ADHD so is very, ummm energetic. He also has Tourette Syndrome, heart defects, and was just diagnosed with epilepsy. His partner in crime is his best buddy and 5yo brother. They are attached at the hip.
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Welcome! (We're neighbors! I drive up the 5 miles to get coffee at my fav shop in your town!).

We're in a similar situation (two towns over) with zoning - boo! We bought an old farm WITH an existing chicken coop, got 8 guinea hens last year assuming we could have them. When I called our town hall about zoning and chickens, they said we can't even have one! NOTHING except dogs and cats. We ordered our day old hens from My Pet Chicken before knowing about the zoning and they are coming this week (3 Speckled Sussex, 3 Easter Eggers, 1 white Cochin - please please please be girls!). We have a fluffy Pembrook Welsh Corgi, and 5 cats (two that someone dropped off because they saw our barns that we now have adopted).

We are building a new chicken coop behind a back barn out of sight of any neighbors. I too am scarred someone will complain as well, but we've had the guinea flock for a year now, they free range and sometimes are quite loud and none of our neighbors seem to mind. Hopefully, because we have 5 barns/outbuildings on the property, everyone will assume we can have them!

Not chicken related but if you don't already know about it, you should check out the Mayflower Corgi Club - they hold two fun events for corgi owners each year that are quite fun!

Sending out good vibes that your neighbors really like fresh eggs and don't mind your girls! Good luck!!!

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