Hello from cornwall,england!!!


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Oct 1, 2009
I have kept poultry for about 15years. I have american buff geese, transylvanion naked necks(bantam), pekins (bantam cochin) and large cochin. soon i am hoping to get a miniture silkie pair and start a showgirl flock.

I don't really show but i like hatching ALOT!!!

hopefully i will put some pictures up soon of my guys and girls

I also have alot of cats and a dog!!
Funkyboots, welcome to BYC from Cape Cod Massachusetts.

I love your screen name! From now on you will be known as "Funky", because we have such short attention spans that we can't be bothered to type "boots" after it.

I have read so many books that take place in Cornwall. Don't many of Rosamund Pilcher's stories take place there?
never heard of her...lol...i like clive cussler...
thankyou all for the warm welcome!
intrestingly most of my other halfs ancestors moved to your side of the pond and my great grandfather was born in new york (boston??-we still figuring that one out) and was shipwrecked of the cornish coast!!!!

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