Hello from Dallas, Texas!


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7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Dallas, Texas
I just set up my account and looking for a SILKIE CHICKEN! :) Anyone know of available silkies in the Dallas area?
Also, we can't have roosters in Dallas city limits, and its my understanding that you won't know if its a hen until 3-5 months old - is that correct?
Thanks for any help! :)
Greetings from Kansas, Blair75214, and
! Happy you joined us!! You might get some better results to your questions if you post in the following forum: Under the Social Forum go to Where Am I, Where Are You and find the Texas thread. There you will be hooked up with locals who can better answer your questions. Best of luck to you and your silkies!!
Have you tried craigslist? I've seen quite a few silkies on there. I know that there's several breeders in the Austin area right now.

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