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Jun 16, 2022
Hello. My name is Bill. I live in Greeneville, TN with my wife and daughter, dog and 3 cats. We have an 18 acre farm here called Cedar Hill Farm. We grow specialty crops such as tomatoes and pumpkins.

We have 25 chicks that desperately need to be transferred to a coop. Next week is when that’s happening. We are new to chickens since end of April so they are getting big.

We have Rhode Island Reds, Leg Horns, Easter Eggers, red sex link, buff Orpingtons, lavender Orpingtons, Welsummers, silver laced Wyandottes and silkies.

I don’t really have time for much else other than farming and I’m also a Realtor. I do well enough in Real Estate during the winter months that I can afford to play farmer during the summer. I’m also a retired Marine so that helps.

I’m here because the more I get into this, the more I realize that despite my research long before I got involved in chickens I’m lost.
Hello Bill and welcome to BYC! :frow

Chicks and chickens can be daunting at first, but they WILL have you trained up in no time. ;)

Make yourself at home here and ask as many questions as needed. Oh and stop by our Learning Center for lots of great articles!

Welcome aboard!

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