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Aug 11, 2020
Hey I am Frankie.
I have grown up with chickens my whole life (18 now). My first flock was when i was 5, it was made up of about 12 Rhode Island Reds. At the moment I have 3 chickens; Spitfire, my eldest at 7 years old lives up to her name she doesn't lay anymore but is just as much part of the flock, she is a Warren. The muffin twins are a pair I rescued in March 2018 and are named Raggamuffin and Scruffy (they are ex battery and about 2 or 3 years old), I believe they are Highlines. All together they are the 3 amigos. I love the different personalities chickens can have and how loving they can be. They are right little characters when they get to know you and are actually quite clever. My other hobbies would be college haha and scouting and my job (sad right?). I live in a little suburban village in the North of England with my parents. I have a dog and then my 3 chickens but I have looked after countless animals such as 3 other dogs, horses, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, a turtle, a snake, 3 Giant African snails and countless hens. My occupation is student and hospitality. When I grow up I am going to run a sanctuary for rescued livestock and other animals. I have been in the BYC facebook group for a few years and have just now decided to join on this site too after many years of using the forums for help with my flocks.

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