Hello from Florida

Denise in Florida

8 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Hi. I am glad I found you guys. I am new to chickens. I bought three little chicks last spring on a whim (not a recommended method I'm sure).

I have two Black Wyandotte Hens and a white hen that the sign said was a Plymouth Rock White but she looks nothing like the pictures I have seen of those.

I have been having a blast. They have a snug little coop for night time and free range in my backyard during the day. They eat laying crumbles and lots of table scraps. In fact I found this forum by googling for information about what scraps would be safe and I found a chart here. Thanks

I think one of my black hens is exceptionally pretty and looks very close to the 'breed picture' so I might try showing at our county fair later this month.

Thanks in advance for all the advice.
Welcome to BYC!!

I found BYC the same way.. Everytime I'd google something about anything BYC would pop up. After about a year or 2, I decided to join.Smartest thing! What part of Florida are you from?
Welcome, Welcome!
I'm in West palm.. Are you being affected by the wild fires? We're getting a tiny bit of rain now, still praying for inches though. then again.. come summer.. We pray for it to stop raining:lau

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