Hello from Florida


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
Hi everyone,

my name is Yvonne, and I live with my kids (6 and 8) just east of Tampa, Fl. After a trip to New Hampshire to a lovely B&B that had a few chickens during the summer we decided that a few chickens would be perfect. As we live in a deed restricted community we have to be a bit careful, but we are risking it :)

I started building the coop several weeks ago, and with it almost being done I got 4 chicks 2 weeks ago.
1 Rhode Island Red, 1 White Brahma, 1 Silver laced Wyandotte and 1 Easter Egger / Ameraucana (The chick was sold to me as Ameraucana at the local feed store, but I'm not sure it is not an Easter Egger)

The Brahma is about 5-6 weeks old, the others about 3 and they are doing great. The Wyandotte is the sweetest thing ever, every chance she gets he flies onto by arm or shoulder, very cute.

I've attached a pic of their first day outside yesterday

Good luck with raising chickens!
I'm pretty close to you in Largo.
You will love this site.....I didn't have a clue when I started and learned everything on this site. ;)
Best of luck to you, your boys and your cute little flock. :D

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