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Sep 12, 2013
I'm quite new at chickens :) but with everything I do, I jump in head first! I want to build a incubator and have a wine cooler sitting in my garage doing nothing but talking up space. I've been reading up on building incubators but I'm a bit fuzzy on the heat source and humidifier? What I should strip out of the cooler and what to keep. Does the fan need to pull air from outside or just move are around inside. Heat source on bottom or top? Any info would be greatly appreciate. Thanks
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Over the years I have seen many posts about making DIY incubators and people writing back and forth about where to get parts, what to use etc. But the articles were over several threads - I don't know if they were ever put in one forum or not. Maybe if you put Homemade incubators in the search box something would pop up. I do know they mentioned computer fans often.

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