Hello from France !


6 Years
Hi there !
I am Tally and I am located in France, in Burgundy, 100km south far from Paris. I'm living for one year in the countryside with my son in a small village of 20 houses. I'm planning to have some chicks at home and as a newbie I'm looking for tips.
I heard about BYC.com on the brand new French magazine "Poules et jardins" ("Chickens and garden").
Hello and welcome from Ohio....so glad you joined BYC

Cant wait to see pics of your new chicks :) Good luck picking out the perfect ones
Hey ! Many thanks for your warm welcome !
First, I have to build the coop... I saw some marvellous ones in the website section. I think I will build mine with palettes and place it under the canopy (? don't know if it's the right word...). So chicks will be cosy and warm, away from the wind (I'm located in a hillside under a wind corridor) and the cold (never more than -5°Celsius when -18°Celsius outside).
Happy coop building. Some of the pallet coops are spectacular! Your plans sound great for keeping the wind off your new chicks. And the canopy will provide them shelter to be able to go outside when the weather is bad. Good luck to you and cant wait to see some pics :)

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