Hello from Georgia


10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
Hi, I am a new member, a Mississippi Girl now livingin Georgia. We had 9 hens, currently have 7 Rhode Island Reds. We lost a New Hampshire Red and one of the Rhode Island Reds last week to the next door neighbors dog and have now installed an electric fence around the coop and garden area. I have not let them out into this larger area as we have not yet clipped the wings. These girls like to fly. We'll be clipping wings later today and then hope the fence keeps them safe.
Looking forward to meeting some new friends and chicken lovers on this site.
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hi mississippigirl. i live in Ga to. we get along good with the neighbors but we draw the line with killing chics. i hope they were not on your property when they got killed. im not the one to discuss dogs with anyway. my neighbor asked if i would really kill his dogs, i answered i killed mine. love them chickens.

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