Hello from Greenville SC


6 Years
May 7, 2015
Greenville SC
I just joined BYC but I've been a lurker for about 4 months now. I don't have any chicks yet but I hope to get some soon. I've been reading and researching so I can learn as much as possible. I hope to start working on building a coop sometime this summer and getting some hens soon after. I checked and I can have up to 3 hens per my deed paperwork on my house. Although, my "subdivision" if you want to call it that, is old and it just looks like a neighborhood and not a typical subdivision. I doubt my neighbors will care if I had more, but just to be safe I will start out with 3 and see how it goes. I'm already getting obsessed and I don't even have chickens yet!!!!!
I'm glad you joined our community!

If you haven't already, I'd be sure to check out the informative Learning Center: Learning Center Articles The Coops page might be helpful, too.: Chicken Coop Plans

If you have any specific questions, just ask! We'll be happy to help. Good luck with your future chickens!
Good luck with your plans. If your neighbors are friendly, you many talk with them, and bet they may want you to get more so you can share those eggs :)
Thanks y'all. I wish I already had them! I am driving my family nuts lol. I have been soaking up all the info like crazy so I don't mess up (but I'm sure I will) thankfully I can come here and get help. I really love reading posts about everyone's experiences. Although I cried a few times when following some of the threads and they lost a poor hen or roo

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