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Hi Im kinda new here. Ive been on for a while but I dont know much about this site all I know how to do is PM people:) I was wondering if anyone could help me with this site?
Thanks you guys. As I said Im new Im 14 and I am going to start a flock for my FFA project I mainly need to know how to build a coop like what sructure I need, I live in the country and I have coyotes wild hogs , cats,a lab ,and a husky as you can see in my pic. Also I need some help with what chickens I should get. I was thinking of silkies but if anyone has any other ideas... and where should I get the chickens from?
Greeting from Salt Lake City!

There are a lot of different designs for coops out there, and you can build one, or buy one. Sometimes its cheaper just to buy one already made depending on what your going for. Or check a craigslist or a KSL(that local to utah) classifieds for people wanting to sell a coop. My personal favorite Chickens are Buff Orpingtons. They are quiet, calm, and very friendly, my kids go right up to them and pick them up, and they follow me around the yard little puppies. They are great layers, and if you live somewhere that has winters they are very winter hearty birds, and will continue to lay during the winter. You can get chicks from IFA, or search online for a local hachery. When you get chicks however you wont put them in the coop directly until they are "coop ready"(somewhere between 4-6 weeks) A lot of people get a large plastic container(clear usually) indoors(garage/shed), or you can get a reflective brooder ring from IFA, and put down bedding(pine bedding, cedar is TOXIC
to chickens) And you will need a heat lamp(250 watt infrared) and thermometer, you want to start the temp at 95 and take it down 5 degrees every week until you reach 70 degrees. And obviously a feeder and waterer. Hope this helps a bit.
Thank you tankgirl88 I will look into all this and thank you all for your comments and for welcoming me into the Chicken family

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