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Feb 24, 2010
Hollywood, FL
Hi Everyone. I'm Amanda and I live in Hollywood, FL with my husband Haim, daughter Maya (3y) son Noah (4 m) and 8 chickens.

We purchased 3 Rhode Island pulletts about 1 year ago, and in October 1 of the hens hatched 8 eggs for me...some rhode island reds, amerucanas, and golden comets. Of those I just "processed" the cockrels yesterday, and have 5 young hens who are now 4 months old, in addition to my original 3 who are now about 18 months old.

Aside from enjoying our chickens, we spend lots of time with the local homeschool group, and have a garden we like to fool around in as well.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
from Indiana!
Welcome Amanda!

I'm a newbie too, but you're gonna love it here!!

I'm sure we'll be chatting - I'm in FL too!
welcome from Canada Amanda. You will find this site so useful. I have learned so much and everyone is so helpful.
Hi Amanda, from Hollywood!
from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! You are sooooooooo lucky you can have your girls!!
Here in Pompano Beach, they don't allow them, hench, I have to keep them hidden.
Our city has an ordanance against them. I've got a thread on here about having chickens in S. Florida
WLRN interviewed me. It turned out great. If you get a chance, listen to it! Enjoy chickeneering!

Oh, a year ago or so, my brother in law, he lives in Hollywood, and the code enforcement came out, and made him get rid of his girls! He is talking about getting a few EE's in May!
Yeah, they are illegal in Hollywood, but we have obliging neighbors and a 6' wooden fence around our property...so i just hold my breath a bit when they cackle...but i think Hollywood has a "don't ask, don't tell" kind of attitude unless someone reports you...I'll check out your article!

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