Hello from Idaho


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Hello, my name is Lacie. I have had chickens in the past but was never able to keep them more than from spring to fall. I am a single mother and this summer I am doing a large garden both to supply myself with fresh veggies but also to sell the extra at the farmers market. To go along with that I wanted some fresh eggs. I contacted the local community college and one of the woodworking students is building me a 36 sq ft coop for the cost of supplies. I also posted my story on craigslist looking for pullets so I didnt have to start with day olds. I was contacted by someone who said I could have as many 8 month old pullets as I wanted for free. I am very eggcited as my coop should be finished this weekend in time for me to move my ladies in over spring break. I look forward to getting to know some people on here and learning more.
welcome and that was a Great deal getting the building built for supplies, and the free chicks...you sound VEry resourceful. Good Luck, you will get lots of info. here.
from Missouri

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